Our Experience​

We have covered most industries and many functional issues in our 25 years in consulting

  1. Leading Supermarket Chain
    Two of our Directors worked in the client segmentation and offer strategy for a leading supermarket chain in Venezuela. Additionally, our Directors conducted specific efforts aimed at optimizing the sales area and supporting the integration with another supermarket chain acquired by the group.
  2. Multinational Telecom Operator
    Two of our Directors advised a major European Telco in the launching of a new product for the Latin American Market. Through Lambda's market research, the positioning of the product was improved, an organization was designed and the product moved smoothly into Pre-launch.
  3. Real Estate Developer
    Two of our Directors collaborated on helping a major Real Estate Developer improve internal processes and organization and advised on the selection of a software program to manage the business.
  4. Regional Casual Dining Chain
    One of our Directors provided C-level advisory services to the CEO and the Board of Directors of a Premium Regional Casual Dining Chain active in the Caribbean and Northern Latin America. The support provided included financial analysis of alternatives, evaluation of different scenarios, development of marketing strategies and estimates of costs and benefits of different initiatives under consideration.
  1. Loss Valuations in Legal Cases
    One of our Directors has performed numerous Valuations in Economic Loss and Lost Profits cases. Includes: Real Estate Developer and Homebuilder; Automobile Dealership; Software Vendor, Medical Services Company and others.
  2. Corporate Valuations
    Lambda has performed over 25 valuations of different companies, both US based and internationally active. Our focus has been on understanding the key drivers for cash flow, evaluation of comparable companies and establishing a realistic discount rate that incorporates the risk in the business. Lin Giralt has written about "Total Beta" as an alternative method of quantifying risk in M&A transactions and valuations. Out valuations cover the spectrum of service, manufacturing and commercial sectors.
  3. Business Planning
    Lambda has written over a dozen business plans for different purposes: obtaining financing, serving as teasers for startup investors, supporting visa applications and, most importantly, for management's use as a guideline in strategy and planning. These plans cover retail, business services, telecommunications and construction.