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Cross Border Business Growth
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Design + Processes + IT Platforms
25 Years of Experience in Consulting
Our partners have participated or led over three hundred consulting assignments and have each twenty five years-  or collectively seventy five years - of consulting experience.
We have worked in three continents: Latin America, Europe, North America.
We are adept in Strategy, Marketing, Operations, IT and Corporate Finance and Valuations.
Our industry expertise covers most B2B and B2C areas including Telecom, IT, Consumer Products and Health Care.
We have
* Consulted to many large companies and have special expertise in Small and Medium Enterprises and Startups:
* Helped various Multinational Corporations understand new global markets
* Helped Founder/Owners migrate their company over to professional management
* Supported many attorneys and bankers in M&A work, due diligence and other business analysis