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Strategic and Operational Consulting

The company strategy should focus on reachable and practical definitions of the overall purpose and scope of the business.
It should answer questions like:
  • What business should I be in?
  • What is success?
  • How do I succeed?
  • What should be the focus of the business?
  • What are its competitive advantages?
  • What markets is the business going to focus on?
  • What resources does it count on?
  • What is the competitive and market environment that it faces?
Lambda is an expert in Strategy Development and Implementation. We help you refine your basic strategy and ensure that all elements are linked and aligned with it. Our external and objective viewpoint is a valuable tool for business owners and managers.
Company Strategy is not a plaque on a bulletin board. It must guide and inspire the staffmembers to make the correct decisions in terms of how to compete. The company will be more efficient and effective in reaching its consumers and providing the goods and services that the market wants at the price points required.
A typical case that Lambda worked on involved the business focus of a telecommunications product supplier. The client believed that their product was clearly targeted at the Consumer market. Lambda did the relevant analysis and concluded that the product was better positioned in the Business market. After a presentation to the Board of Directors, the company changed its product focus according to our recommendation.
Lambda International leverages its deep business knowledge, experience and insights into its Financial Analyses and Valuations.  While steeped in current valuation theory - both based on Discounted Cash Flows and Comparables by Multiples - we believe that the the theoretical framework used must fit the case, not vice versa.

Thus we first understand the key drivers of the business, the reasons for its current performance and how internal and external factors will impact that performance in the future before defining the valuation frameworks to be used.

An important element that differentiates us is Strategic Valuations: valuing companies under different Growth Scenarios and levels of profitability. This analyses helps management make decisions with corporate value in mind. 

Financial Analyses & Valuations

Lambda International has significant experience in multiple industries and areas of business that we bring to the table to support our clients that are facing situations where a calculation of Lost Profits is important. 

We supply business insights and a 360 degree viewpoint to complement those of accountants, attorneys and the firm's managers in understanding the impact of adverse actions upon the firm.

As always, we support our clients from the initial consultation to the final arbitration, settlement or decision.
A typical case that Lambda worked on involved the definition of transfer pricing between two divisions of a multinational corporation. A national tax authority challenged the transfer pricing on the basis of an incorrect valuation of the importance and therefore value of certain IT functions. Lambda undertook an exhaustive analysis of the internal costs and the value contributed by the IT function in terms of product positioning and evolution as well as conducting a regional benchmarking study to support its client. The national tax authority granted the majority of the claims that our client was defending.
Lambda International Consultants, LLC, has developed a practice over the last four years in assisting attorneys with Economic Loss Analyses in Wrongful Death Cases and Life Care Plans. Our work consists of two areas: 1) validation / modification of counterparty’s loss analysis and 2) developing loss analyses from the ground up based on injured party’s age, gender, education, work history and domestic situation.  

Estimates of Economic Losses & Review of Counterparty Claims

We have developed our own proprietary software that models the evaluation process and eliminates insofar as possible, human transcription errors. It is based on established sources such as Krueger’s “Personal Consumption by Husbands and Wives,”(2007); United States Life Tables, (2012); and BLS American Time Use Survey (2006). This software permits quick audits of counterparty proposals without entering into a detailed analysis while it also permits in depth development of a Loss Model in Wrongful Death cases.

This software allows a quick turnaround time - often in 2-3 days - from the receipt of the relevant information because standardized tasks are automated and calculations performed by the interaction between our databases and  software.
Our experience as general management consultants helps our Economic Loss practice by giving us analytical skills, tools and insights that come from real world experience and help us evaluate quantitative cases without losing a qualitative common sense and common touch.
Lambda can help you develop and evaluate your Business Plan to ensure that you reduce risks and maximize your profit potential from day one.
We can help you analyze businesses in a variety of sectors and in the US and internationally.
Our 25 years of experience can serve you define certain key elements for your business:

Business Model:
- What is your business?
- How will you make money?

- Low Cost
- Premium Quality
- Differentiation in Service or Product
- Innovation

Internal Capabilities:
- Owner's experience and track record
- Personnel
- Intellectual Capital and Know How
- Marketing expertise
- Excellent organization

Financial and ProForma Projections:
- Three to five year projections of sales, expenses, profits and capital needs
- Ability to repay loans and/or investor capital

Business Plans and Planning

Lambda has 25 years of experience in advising investors in identifying suitable businesses to invest in pursuant to their personal, legal or international visa situation.
We have a proven track record in aiding these investors prepare their business plans for the appropriate use in the banking, government or business sectors.
Our differentiation is that we do not merely help you achieve a solid Business Plan Document, our experience stands behind ensuring that the Plan is implementable and realistic.
We do not prepare 'paper' Business Plans, we prepare Business Plans.
A typical case that Lambda worked on involved an immigrant investor in the homebuilding industry. We helped him quickly analyze the market and define the best strategy for establishing a business which used his 30 years of international construction experience. His business plan was realistic and served as the basis for  presenting his case to Immigration authorities and following up with requests for additional financing.

Information Technology and Systems Planning and Design

Since its inception, Lambda has worked with clients helping them define their strategic IT plans in terms of sector strength, best practices, future requirements and cost/benefits.

Our projects range from full IT Platform design to evaluation of investment needs and support in bidding and supplier evaluation based on user requirements, organizational processes and supplier response and support; operationally our work has included personnel training and organizational design for the IT area.
Having a certified PMI onboard, Lambda can support your company in Project Management focusing on quality assurance, risk management and control and  other project related needs.
Lambda is an intimate, client focused one stop shop for IT Planning and Support. For us, the needs drive the tools, not the other way around. Being independent and technology agnostic we can support the client based only on the client's needs and requirements, not the flavor of the month technology or supplier.

Organizational & Process Improvements

The company's processes should reflect the strategy and be tightly aligned to ensure success.

Lambda has 25 years of experience designing business processes that are aligned with the strategy and needs of the business. We can help you develop either low-cost, high-value added or fast, innovation centric processes. No one size fits all. We are comfortable working with most of the current software systems on the market and can adapt your processes to the capabilities of your software.
Our work in Organizational improvement includes all aspects of analysis from understanding your current human resources to designing the appropriate organization.
  • Overall Analysis- Understanding of your macro-process and organizational structure, identification of major areas for improvement and development of transformation programs including in each case.
  • Process Re-engineering- analyzing the current process flow and improving it to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • IT Platform Design and Optimization - includes support in overall platform design, evaluation and selection of providers and integration with business operations.
  • Rightsizing – Includes all recommended changes in the organizational structure to support process changes and realize value-creation opportunities.
  • Master Planning for Implementation – Full review to develop a program including time, resources and actions necessary to implement recommended changes.
  • Management Profiles - With experienced and specialized allies, we can perform profiles of your staff identifying where there are strengths and gaps that need improvement .
  • Performance Improvement and Compensation Programs -  We are fully qualified to analyze your current compensation program and make recommendations as to how to better align your incentives with your strategy in order to ensure that your staff is fully supported as they strive to reach their maximum potential.
Lambda helped a fast growing corporate travel agency design the organization to serve its key corporate clients. This segmentation helped improve client service and led to quicker and more focused decision making. Today, 20 years later,  our organizational structure is still in place.

Marketing & Marketing Strategies

Since its inception, Lambda has been focused on helping clients sell more, be more profitable and stay in touch with their consumers, be it B2B, B2C or a mix of  both.
We have designed and supervised the execution of market research strategies using field intercepts, mystery shoppers and traditional email or telephone sampling.

Our team has used data to identify undiscovered client segments, clarify Cost to Serve and profits per client segment, reveal underserved white spaces in client needs and refocused product lines to attend these needs.

We are passionate about helping firms market to the ever-changing demographics in the US and overseas. We are successful in implementing market-driven strategies, improving brand awareness, and delivering positive ROI. Our experience is varied in many categories and segments. We have experience launching new brands, brand-repositionings, and new market introductions. 

Our approach is very disciplined as we anchor our plans around sound research and targeting strategies. Today, successful brands look at the total marketplace and address their target audiences based on language preferences and cultural relevance. 

Whether your brand requires an online or offline focus, we have the stripes. We have created campaigns and GTM strategies for well over 20 brands. 
For example, going beyond our mandate, we have collaborated with client product design staff to help design new products in the Textile Industry, worked in cost reduction with Operations staff to enable lower prices and make a client's industrial products more affordable and help small companies find niches where they can profitably compete with larger players.

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Here we present an overview of what we do, who we are, what we have done and how we work. We hope you find it illustrative and insightful. 
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